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Uganda vs Yudaya Ntumwa Judgement

The accused (Yudaya Ntumwa) stands charged with Money Laundering C/S 116 (C) & 136 (1) (a) of the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2013.

a) Brief Facts

On 2nd November 2014 the accused a client of the KCB Bank Lwamulungi Sebastian then Head teller at Bank's Kampala road branch and asked to meet him. When they met she informed him that she had secured a 1.5m USD deal with M/s Basco Paints, but that she needed USD 200,000 to pay commission Agents. She asked him to get her that money claiming that the Basco paint deal was a sure deal,and that the USD 200,000 would be refunded that very day with interest of USD 20,000. Lwamulungi got bank money and gave it to her the next day. The accused however did not go back to the bank that day as agreed. On Thursday 6th November 2014 the accused informed Lwamulungi that she had been conned.

(b) Proof of Money Laundering

The accused(Yudaya Ntumwa) had in her possession USD 200,000. She had reason to believe at the time of receipt that the money was proceeds of crime.

(c) Consequences

The accused was convicted of Money Laundering C/S 116 (C) & 136 (1) (a) of the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2013. Pw1 (Lwamulungi) ended up losing his job and paid a lot of money in compensation, all because of the accused’s actions. Prosecution submitted, the offence of Money Laundering is serious, and in this case it directly disrupted commerce.

(d) Sentence
  1. She will serve 8 year’s imprisonment for the offence of money laundering for which she has been convicted.
  2. Pw1 (Lwamulungi) gave up one piece of land in partial compensation to the Bank. The Accused who was the master mind of the crime is hereby ordered to pay compensation of USD 200,000 to the complainant bank.
  3. The cash bail of 6m/= she deposited in court will go the Bank as compensation.
  4. The Accused will not hold public office for a period of 10 years effective 28th July, 2020.