goAML Training

  • Training workshops for the Money Laundering Control Officers (MLCOs), IT staff and Compliance Officers of the pilot implementing banks (held on 27 – 31, August, 2018 at Esella Country Hotel; 13 -14 March, 2019 in FIA Boardroom; and 5 – 8 June, 2019 in the Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI) premises). The areas of training included; further configuring and localizing the elements of the goAML system; updating the database schema; web registration; and submission guides and help desk procedures, among others.
  •  Training of MLCOs on the utilization and submission of the web reports which, has resulted in a significant improvement of the quality of reports submitted through the system. The training was done in tandem with fine tuning the receipt of Suspicious Transactions Reports (STRs) through the system by addressing the errors and omissions arising from the pilot submissions.
  • Review of the transactions workflows to further customize the configurations to suit the needs of the Authority.